Pärnu Kunstidemaja
Pärnu Kunstidemaja
Pärnu Kunstidemaja
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2nd „Gold Leaf" International Children´s and Youth Festival



Pärnu, Estonia



September 28 - October 2, 2011



Organizer: Pärnu House of the Arts




Aim of the Festival


Gold Leaf is a contest for vocal soloists organized by Pärnu House of the Arts. The singing competition will have categories in pop-jazz and folk song. The jury will consist of members from various international countries. There will be concerts held in the city and at locations in the surrounding county. Dancing and singing workshops will also be held. The festival is designed for children and young people, whose pursuits are largely related to their interest in learning and enrichment of their knowledge of their chosen art form. Most of their learning takes place from Autumn to Spring as other school children during the traditional school year. Thus, by Spring these young green "leaves" have been enriched and as summer passes, transform into "golden leaves" ready to put to use their learned skills.



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Pärnu Kunstide Maja (Pärnu House of the Arts) Pühavaimu 8, Pärnu, 80010



Phones:+372 44 41798, +372 44 45850


Director of the festival - Tiit Erm


Musical Director - Endla Murd - +372 5167214


Art Director - Mart Tõnismäe - +372 5224592





Participating countries:





















There are40 registered singers alltogether.


44 41 798 - kantselei, 44 31 395 - garderoob, 44 45 850 - faks. Pühavaimu 8 Pärnu, 80010. E-mail: opmaja@parnu.ee