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IX International Children`s and Youth contest-festival „Gold Leaf", Pärnu, Estonia


September 26 - 30, 2018



Organizer: Pärnu House of Fine Arts (Pärnu Kunstide Maja).



Aim of the Festival.


„Gold Leaf" is a contest-festival for vocal soloists organized by Pärnu House of Fine Arts (Pärnu Kunstide Maja). The contest will be in pop-jazz category, evaluated by international jury.


The concerts will take place both in the town and in the county.


The festival in meant for children and young people whose primary pursuit is the study and enrichment of different fields that takes place mainly from autumn till spring. So - for every spring there will be fresh green „leaves" that by autumn will be full of golden knowledge .


We would like to give the participants possibility to perform their cultural and musical traditions and to change practical and methodical experience , at the same time also strengthening International ties.







Pop-Jazz category.


Each singer will perform two songs of different character.



Age groups:


1.age group - 7-9


2.age group - 10-12


3.age group - 13-15


4.age group - 16 -20



Song accompaniment may be instrumental or phonograph.


Background singers are allowed.


Recorded background singing is allowed.


Song length must not exceed 4 minutes.



Contest will take place in two categories, one song is sung in both of them. At least 6 singers from each age group will get on to the next category.






Judging Criteria and Jury work.



Contestants will be evaluated by the international jury.


1.Two Grand Prix`s will be given out in the 1.and 2. age-groups to the solist who got most points and in the 3.and 4.age groups to the solist who got most points.


2.In every age-group will be given out three prizes, laureates and diplomas .


3.Prize fond is 1500.00 euros.


4. The jury evaluates interpretation, musicality,intonation,the stage of difficulty and age appropriateness of the piece of music and artistry.


5. The jury has right to give out special prizes.




Participation Fee.



The participation fee is 230.00 euros that includes_


* accomodation in spahotel „Tervis"


*catering 3 times per day in a`la carte restoran


*free entrance to performances, competitions, excursions


* free entrance to the sauna- ja pool centre every day.


All participants should be present at the Opening and Final Ceremony.



Please, send the participation form,copy of the passport,and the photo of a participant to for June 15-th 2018.


The participation fee will be paid when arriving.





Pärnu Kunstide Maja


Pühavaimu 8


Pärnu, 80010



Phones: 44 41798; 44 45850



Festival Director - Tiit Erm- +372 5157959


Musical Director - Evelin Mei - +372 5010953